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Maintenance outdoor patio furniture


Zhejiang Kaixin Industrial & Trade Co.,Ltd use good quality synthetic rattan .

Synthetic rattan is made of HDPE which is a high density version of polyethylene plastic. It is a hard, strong, and heavy plastic resin that has been purified and UV protected. It’s recyclable .100% Green product.

They are unaffected by sun, rain, snow, even chlorine and saltwater. There is no need to paint or sand your plastic or resin patio furniture, outdoor furniture , garden furiture or apply a treatment seasonally. It does not rot, warp, crack or splinter.

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China professional outdoor furniture supplier~~


Shanghai Jiachi has been exporting the best quality furniture to Europe and South American countries from 2008 till now.

We are professional rattan furniture manufacturer and specialized in manufacturing outdoor furniture, garden furniture and patio furniture such as  dining room furniture, sofa, deck chair, bar furniture, sun bed, beach lounger and so on. Our furniture ‎ are exported to all over the world, Highly Commended by Customers.

We have professional work team, experienced in design, management and technical personnel. The brand “ CYF” has been sold around the world.

Adhering to the principles of “quality first,customer oriented,sincerity” , we keep searching for innovation and development, try our best to supply our clients the best service , new design and specially tailored furniture. We sincerely welcome you focus on our company and promote us, bring our furniture to more and more family.

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but what is outdoor furniture. that means that the furniture is suit for outdoor use. Often the material is PE rattan (looks like wiker/cane but actually is one kind pastic wicker)

THe design of the rattan furniture is more of a natureal style. The material of the furniture is log, which has good air permeablilty and is environmentally friendly. Natural and containing no synthetic materials. It is good for the health, the material itself does not contain any hazardos substance and releases no hazardous gas. Even if you stop using it, it will not become a burden to the environment. Esay to recycle and reuse, it is an ideal choice for family.

Zhejiang kaixin Industrial & Trade Co.,Ltd is outdoor rattan garden furniture manufacturer


company Introduction:

 Zhejiang kaixin Industrial & Trade Co.,Ltd was established in 1994. The core business before 2008 was international forwarding. Zhejiang kaixin company is managed by a professional team of shipping experts, who have been in the managerial position of the International Freight Forwarding Industry for decades. Shanghai Jiachi company is a young but aggressive company. 

Zhejiang kaixin  has been exporting the best quality furniture to Europe and South American countries from 2008 till now.

We have strength, resources, experience and a capable team to provide personalized products to meet our customers’ needs. We are one of the best suppliers who can design and manufacture different kinds of furniture according to clients’ request. Our highly motivated staff members are well experienced in manufacturing Outdoor Furniture.

Our marketing and sale are on the basis of what we do to meet the markets’ and customers’ needs. Sensing new opportunities and markets and opening up customer potential value form a basis of knowledge today for tackling the problems of tomorrow.


company profile:

Company name: Zhejiang kaixin Industrial & Trade Co.,Ltd 


Business type: design, manufacturing, exportor


Product/Service: PE rattan furniture, outdoor furniture, garden furniture


Address: NO 88,Gongye Road,Lengshui Town,Pan’an county,Zhejiang Province,China


Number of employees: 50-100


Company Website URL:


Contact person: Jill Lee


Trade & Market:


                                       North America
                                       South America
                                       Eastern Europe
                                       Southeast Asia
 main market:                Africa
                                       Mid East
                                       Eastern Asia


Factory Information:


Factory Size: 1000000 square meters

No. of Production Lines: above 10

No. of R&D Staff: 300-500 people

No. of QC Staff: 21-30 people


15 Tips to Start Successful Export Business (tip 12 for garden outdoor furniture business experience)


Shanghai Jiachi has been exporting the best quality furniture to Europe and South American countries from 2008 till now. We are professional outdoor furniture manufacturer and specialized in manufacturing outdoor dining room furniture, sofa, deck chair, bar furniture, sun bed, beach lounger and so on. Our furniture ‎ are exported to all over the world, Highly Commended by Customers. 

                                       North America
                                       South America
                                       Eastern Europe
                                       Southeast Asia
main market:      Europe

                                       Mid East
                                       Eastern Asia

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  office number: 086-021-36393925-119


12. Be Prepared To Meet Growing Demand

If you take into account all the above issues than most likely your products will be successful internationally and the demand for them will be increasing. If you can’t meet the demand you risk losing the whole market. People are not interested in dealing with you if there is no future growth. Be ready to increase production or to outsource similar products elsewhere.

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15 Tips to Start Successful Export Business (tip 11 for my garden outdoor funiture business)


11. Be Market- And Customer- Focused

Build a strong business relationship
This is a cliché. Everyone says that, because you cannot avoid it in your business operations. I just want to add a suggestion of not ignoring small issues in building business relationships. Believe me that if you send a postcard or even an e-mail on major national holydays and on key personnel birthdays, that adds considerably to the relationship.

Win buyers through better service
Remember that the key attributes of every service are

  • Speed
  • Cordiality
  • Knowledge and
  • Problem solving

Win buyers through exceeding expectations
Philip Kotler, the author of several well known marketing books said: “Meeting customer expectations will only satisfy customers; exceeding their expectation will delight them”.

However, there is a pitfall that the better you act, the higher expectations your customer has and one day you find that the task of exceeding the expectation is too difficult and too costly. You should decide where to draw the line between exceeding the expectation and making profit.


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15 Tips to Start Successful Export Business (TIP 10 for my outdoor garden furniture busniess)


10. Be Aware Of Frauds

Some people in International Trade are making a living out of frauds. The most known schemes are non-payments, samples and complaints.

You may very well secure the payment for your products if you do your homework and select the right terms of payments, but it’s much harder to protect your business from the other two.

A good indication that something is not quite right is a request for samples in the very first inquiry. The quantity of samples is another issue to consider. If somebody asks you to send 2 cartons of wine as a sample, it just doesn’t sound right, does it?

False complaints are common and very hard to recognise as scams. The best way to protect your company against these problems is to include a very detailed “complaint clause” in the contract.


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15 Tips to Start Successful Export Business (tip 9 for garden outdoor furniture business)


9. Negotiating Is An Art

Make allowances
Your buyers will be pleased if they manage to negotiate considerable discounts. Don’t disappoint them. Include at least 10% in your export price list for negotiations. By discounting the price you’ll be able to gain better terms. However, you have to be careful with allowances. If the price is too high you may never get a buyer at all.

Learn about cultural differences
You may offend your potential buyers if you fail to learn about cultural differences especially in the Middle East and Asia.

For example, you wouldn’t ask about your host’s wife if you have been invited to visit your counterpart’s home in the Middle East.

In Asia, if you are invited to a business lunch you should be prepared for a 1-2 hours conversation, which has nothing to do with your prospective deal. You’ll be asked about your family, childhood, hobbies, favourite food, etc. and you should react accordingly. Asian people want to know whom they are dealing with before any business discussion.

All oral agreements must be confirmed in writing
This has to be one of the “golden rules” of your operations. You must have a written confirmation of agreed terms on hand before you act. A promise “to send you a written confirmation tomorrow” is not good enough.

Exclusivity is possible but not before you know your buyer
Lots of potential buyers will ask you for the exclusive rights to represent your products or company in a particular market before they start trading with you. Don’t decline this possibility, declare that you are open for a discussion but also get to know each other, establish a relationship, test the market and so on.

When you agree to provide exclusive rights to a foreign company, you should consider which conditions are to be included in the exclusivity agreement.

First of all, do not sign such agreements for longer than a year. If you are happy with your sales, you can always prolong it.

You should require that a certain quantity of your goods would be sold in a certain period of time, say 4 to 6 months, with the possibility to terminate the agreement if the buyer is not able to meet this condition.

The value of the first order is another issue to consider when negotiating exclusivity. 20% of the agreed yearly quantity prepaid is considered to be a fair deal.

If you need a translator – get a good one
Sometimes buyers may require signing a bi-lingual contract. In this case, the accuracy of business translation is crucial. Varied use of terminology in different countries can have an entirely different meaning and cause costly disputes.


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