B2B – a new sussessful e-business way


For most factories, the traditional showing and selling way is EXHIBITION, STORE, Booth or door-to-door selling, telephone selling…But with the development of the website,and e-technology, B2B becaome a new and efficient way to selling and promotion, figuring out many limitation such as cost,labor,language-gap, and country-difference.

Now the B2B is nomal and popular used by most company.

What is B2B?

B2B means Business to Businessas in businesses doing business with other businesses. It also means enterprises and enterprises exchanges product information, services and information through the internet. It can be shown as both sides of the business; enterprises parties could complete the transaction through the internet technology and various e-business website platforms. The procedures include releasing supply and demand information, order placement, payment process, signing bills, sending and receiving bills, delivery etc. Some writers prefer B2B to B to B, which was pronounced the same. In fact, e-commerce mode includes C2C (customer to customer), B2C (business to customers), C2B (customers to business). One mode of B2B is vertical B2B business mode facing manufacturing industry or facing commercial industry. Vertical B2B could have two directions, upstream and downstream. Manufacturers or commercial retailers could make up supply relationship with the upstream suppliers. Manufacturers or commercial retailers could make up sales relationship with the downstream agencies. Vertical B2B business mode is different from traditional e-business modes, which could only collect information and distribute information on the platform without any value added services. IBUonline is a vertical B2B business platform; it serves international buyers and sellers. Also it could provide services to follow up the whole procedures in the business for both parties in international trade business. IBU welcomes your visit. If you have any questions or concerns about IBUonline, please visit the homepage and communicate with the online service representatives. You will get quick response.

Now the most famous B2B is Alibaba, globlesourse, ec21 and so on. and our company: Shanghai chiyang leisure product co.,ltd use the alibaba B2B. this is our website: www.gardenfurniture-china.com . We selling high quality Outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture ,” If you are interested in our product or our company ,please feel free to contact me. My name is jill. my email is jilllee.jia@gmail.com

outdoor furniture china :

our company website is : www.gardenfurniture-china.com


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