E-business is becoming the most effective way to get clients for Chinese Factory


In these years, most Chinese factorys begin to use E-business to show their products and let the all world to know their company or factory. Compare with tradtional way such as calling,sending out Ads paper, Fair, E-business create more business more chance for Chinese Factory.  Like Zhejiang Kaixin Industrial & Trade Co.,Ltd, will ad their garden furniture and Factory information on some B2B/B2C website .

What is E-business

e-business is Electronic and electronic technology as a means to business as the core, the original traditional sales, shopping channels, to move onto the Internet, to break the national and regional visible and invisible barriers to globalization of production enterprises, network, intangible and personal And integration. E-business is the use of digital information technology, the activities of the enterprise continuous optimization process. Covering e-business A wide range, and can be divided into business to business (Business-to-Business), or business to consumer (Business-to-Consumer) two. There are also consumer to consumer (Consumer-to-Consumer) pattern of growth in this step. With the increase in the number of domestic Internet use, the use of Internet for online shopping and bank card payments gradually popular consumption patterns, market share is growing rapidly, e-business sites are endless. The most common e-business security has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) two. With the development of network technology, network-based electronic money as payment and settlement tool at an unprecedented pace, With the development of computer technology and electronic payment instruments related to electronic commerce more and more. The payment instruments can be divided into three categories: one category is electronic money, such as electronic cash, electronic wallets; the other is the electronic credit card categories, including smart cards, debit cards, phone cards, etc.; there is a class type of electronic check Such as electronic check, electronic funds transfer (EFT), electronic transfer money, etc. First, the basic concept of electronic money and the main form.1, the basic concept of electronic money.,The latest electronic money as a contemporary form of currency, from the 20th century, since the 70’s generation, the application form and more extensive. Electronic money is an online e-credit developed to commercial electronic machines and all kinds of trading cards for the media to computer technology and modern communications technology as a means of electronic funds transfer and storage pulse of credit currency. Conducted through Internet banking financial electronic information exchange, electronic money and notes and other currency, compared with a save low cost, low-cost distribution, standardization, low cost and low cost. Small amount, especially suitable for online purchases. Electronic currency technology to solve the intangible currency of storage, circulation and use of technical problems, has great potential for development. Mark Twain Bank of America is the first U.S. bank to provide e-money business, as early as April 1996 to get the ten thousand e-money clients. second : main forms of electronic money. There are two main forms of electronic money: a smart card form of payment cards and currency documents digitally. The former is mainly used for payments under the net, which is used for online payments. Electronic cash, its main purpose is to replace the daily consumption of small notes and coins. Mondex card with cash in addition to other features, but also has a feature better than cash, that is it safely through electronic channels (such as telephone, Internet, etc.) as the person to person, person to business, people on the banks Distance transfer value. E-business is just beginning in China, online financial services carried out less, the construction of electronic money system has been slow. Mondex is the closest to cash, electronic currency. E – Cash Digicash developed by the number of online transactions in the currency. It is a form of currency in circulation data. The cash value converted into a series of encrypted serial number, serial number through which to express the amount of the currency of various reality. The user to carry out electronic business, open bank accounts in cash and money in the account of memory, you can accept electronic cash in the stores shopping. In this environment, our expertise more and more on e-business, summarized the main, There are two majors: the direction of web design and procedures, network marketing, editorial direction. Professional e-business requirements in the different universities in different courses, some institutions focus on e-business network technology, computer technology, some institutions will focus on the business model above course, which is mainly reflected in the profession where Departments, some in the Administration, and some will be in the Information Science and Technology, and some will be in Software Engineering. That students trained in the various institutions will also have expertise in a certain difference. Main courses: Principles of Computer Networks, Electronic Commerce, Internet marketing foundation and practice of e-business and international trade, e-letter writing, writing practice e-marketing, marketing planning, web Color, web design, data structure, Java language, Web standards and Web Standards, FlashAction Script animation design, UI design, e-business site building, e-business management practices, ERP and customer relationship management, e-business logistics management, e-business professional English, news gathering, writing and editing the basic skills. After graduation students may be engaged in the enterprises and institutions website web design, site construction and maintenance, or network editing, website maintenance and web marketing content (including international trade), business goods and services marketing planning and other professional work, or in customer Relationship management, e-business project management, planning and operation of e-business, e-business systems development and maintenance work and commerce at all levels of teaching and school work. College students can also engage in telemarketing call center work. Although e-business transaction model can not predict when it will become the mainstream model, but e-business market potential is infinite, because: on the one hand, the development of potential consumers at an alarming rate. According to UNCTAD, “E-business Development Report 2002” shows that the end of 2002, the global Internet users reached 650 million of the public. In China, according to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) reported the latest survey, as of the end of June 2003, has reached 68 million Internet users, 48.5% over last year, while the October 1997 survey found that only 62 of the first million, an increase of a few years 109.7 times. Part of them is e-business consumers, and more is the rapid development of the market potential consumers. On the other hand, rapid growth of e-business transactions. According to well-known international consulting firm Forrester estimates that in 2002 global e-business transaction volume of about 2.2935 trillion U.S. dollars by 2006 could reach 12.8 trillion U.S. dollars, accounting for 18% of global retail sales, the average annual growth rate of above 30% . The United States is the most developed e-business applications one of the countries, the development trends of other countries has an important leading role. In 2001, although the U.S. e-business transactions in the proportion of retail sales in the U.S. is still less than 3%, but similar software, travel and music products, these goods and services B2C online transactions have been accounted for this part of some 18% of turnover about other parts of the world had a similar situation. According to UNCTAD, “E-business Development Report 2001,” the consulting firm Anderson cited data show that the end of 2003, China’s B2B and B2C e-business market transactions will total may reach $ 4,000,000,000 of the giant, B2B, the average annual growth speed is 194%, while B2C is 274%, its growth rate increased exponentially. Today’s world, in addition to e-business market, no other market is immune to such a high growth rate, and therefore its market prospect is considerable. Since e-business is becoming increasingly important, then the development of e-business in China is kind of how, and what Europe and the United States different? Chinese e-business began in 1997. If the U.S. e-business is “business-driven”, then the Chinese e-business is more of a “technology pull”, which is in the development model of China’s largest e-business e-business with the United States are different. In the United States, e-business e-business practice as early as the concept of the business needs of enterprise “push” the network and e-business technology, and contributed to the formation of the concept of e-business. When the Internet era, the United States have a more advanced and developed e-business infrastructure. In China, before the concept of e-business e-business application and development, “enlightening”are IBM and other IT vendors, network and e-business technologies need to constantly “pull” business needs of enterprises, thereby causing the application and development of Chinese e-business. Mainly the United States is the policy advantages of what the government tax, legal Ah, payment, international cooperation, intellectual property A, standard A, etc., make a lot of work. The second, computer technology, Internet technology, good platform, software, etc.the third, you can specifically check, the U.S. e-business company specific development process, from which you can get some knowledge. Article, the country’s overall economic situation, the development of living standards.the fifth, the credit system,the sixth, the overall quality of the residents In essence, e-business is not only a tool, or application of the method, but also a new business model, and any kind of business model are the technical conditions prevailing social and institutional conditions of the social division of labor. Necessarily a good business model for social division of labor, improve the efficiency of social production and conversion, thus contributing to social and economic development, but there are in the actual process of business model and the social division of labor between the very complex interaction, which makes any A successful business model of the design are difficult to fully in people’s minds, books, or to complete his study, only tests done by community organizations, through continuous testing, to be sure, improvement or negative, so that the new business model To evolution. We now see a variety of business models – such as department stores, chain stores, wholesale markets, strategic alliances are all the testing and evolution. Theory and practice have proven that when face and deal with the role of a complex that contains many interactive systems – e-business model is such a system – when the testing and evolution is the only way for development. Based on this understanding, we can understand why the Internet economy and e-business application and development often do not develop according to the way we expected, often in places we think we will succeed in the failure, but in our place with no hope to our surprise. We should be normal, like the understanding of human evolution to look like the mentality of the Internet economy and e-business such as setbacks and failures. This does not mean we can abandon reason, does not mean everything has become unpredictable and control. On the contrary, we are able to more accurate way to promote the development of e-business, we should abandon that only a mature business model for the rigid form of organization and business, and replaced by flexible forms of organization and business, will test And the evolution function “built”and a faster, more cost to find a successful e-business models.

If you are interested in our factory, welcome to share experience with me

my name: Jill Lee



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