With the development of the society and economic globalization, it is so competitive among the companies and factories who selling the same items. In order to save more time, more cost, more resourses,,, B2B is the best choice that help companies toget more profit.

B2B benefits more enterprises and help them get more profit Traditional business mode always cost a lot of resources, energy and time to complete the transactions, no matter they adopt direct selling, sub-branch selling or procurement, they have to spend a lot of cost on the product and business. Through B2B business mode, international buyers and sellers could complete the whole processes online, starting from contacting the other business partner, through comparing prices among different sellers, to bargaining; sealing the deal; sending and receiving products; settling payment. B2B business mode could really reduce procedures in the business transaction, which could enhance the efficiency and lower the cost. Due to the advantages of the internet, more and more international buyers and sellers could be involved in the foreign trade business through B2B e-business platform. B2B business mode could break regional and time restrictions compared with traditional business mode. B2B is the threshold for enterprises to implement e-business and push forward business development. In fact, enterprises could get direct gaining from cutting cost and improving efficiency. In the long term, it could accumulate large profit as well. Nowadays more and more corporations put emphasis on information technology. Many CEO realized that information technology is very important for the corporation development; new technology could improve the strength not only limited in daily operations of the corporation. IBUonline is an innovative B2B business platform, which could help corporation cut cost and improve efficiency through integrated services in different sectors

our company: Shanghai chiyang leisure Product Co.,Ltd begin to use Alibaba B2B since 2008, and bring our comany more profit and many business oppotunity.


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